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The Scoop Foundation exists to create a future for independent news media in New Zealand.

We need your help in this effort!

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Our Vision is a world where a viable news model promotes openness, inclusion, participation, empowerment, and the pursuit of truth and the public interest.


Together we can achieve this vision by:

  1. Funding top quality public interest investigative journalism projects – (See our first funded project by respected author and journalist Alison McCulloch here.)
  2. Educating and mentoring the public on the business and practice of public interest journalism.
  3. Building on the base of as a sustainable high reach publishing operation.
  4. Committing to principles of openness, accountability and member participation.


Why become a member?

A robust and independent media serves an important social function in our society – it gives us access to vital information that helps us to make informed decisions and participate in democracy.  We think the old model of news is broken. We have a clear plan to fix it – and we need your help.

However, we can only create a future for independent media in NZ with your support – we are a member based organisation and rely on member donations to have an impact!

Annual membership is by donation from just $17.  Become a Member


Benefits of Membership include:

  • Supporting the future of Independent Media in New Zealand
  • The Scoop Foundation News – updates on our progress, opportunities and events.
  • Input on which important stories you think the foundation should fund
  • Opportunities to contribute your time and skills to help create new Independent Media
  • The weekly ‘in the loop’ email newsletter every Friday with some of the week’s top stories from

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Our Progress to date

The Scoop Foundation has already made great progress in just one year towards creating a new media model for New Zealand:

  • In our first year we reached our target of finding over 1000 members.
  • We have funded our first investigative journalism project – a series by Alison McCulloch focusing on Post Natal Depression in New Zealand
  • Helped to continue operating and to publish thousands of important stories over the year and hold politicians and the mainstream media to account
  • Supported Scoop to hire Gordon Campbell as editor and expand Werewolf to a daily online magazine format.

You can view our impact statement and annual report here for more details.


Our Future Plans

Your support will help us to achieve more of our ambitious goals over the coming year.

These include:

  • Strong independent media coverage of next year’s General election
  • Funding more important public interest investigative journalism projects
  • A new Mobile friendly website for
  • A Design refresh for
  • Implementing a new interactive and participatory discussion features


To get involved in creating this future together – become a member today.


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