About us

Who we are

The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism is a charitable trust board established for  the purposes of “supporting the publication of trustworthy, relevant, public interest information, freely accessible to all New Zealanders, so that they can participate in democratic processes.”

The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism was incorporated as a Trust on the 8th of September 2015.

The Problem The Scoop Foundation Is Addressing

  • New Zealand media is in a state of crisis – disruption of advertising markets has lead to mass layoffs and a vicious cycle of quality and credibility deterioration .
  • Advertising and trivia is increasingly disguised as news, while many important stories and perspectives are missing from news feeds.
  • Funding and forums for quality independent ‘public interest’ journalism are absent. Especially here in New Zealand.

Our Values

Values that guide the Foundation are:

  • Seek truth and report it;
  • Minimise harm;
  • Act independently and honestly;
  • Be accountable and transparent.

Our Plan to shape the future of media?

We have a plan to achieve the Foundation’s purposes through:

Education – We will provide education and mentoring on the business and practice of public interest journalism.

Publication – We will raise funds and invest in topical high quality public interest journalism.

Sustainability – We will build from the base of a sustainable high reach publishing operation.

Openness – We are committed to principles of openness, accountability and member participation, and to open sourcing our business knowledge, learnings and technology to assist other news organisations.

Get Involved

We provide opportunities for our members to participate in important discussions about the future of the Foundation and issues that matter to them.

Members can view and discuss the following important document in our Loomio Discussion Forum:

  • The Interim Annual Report of the Scoop Foundation

The Scoop Foundation is a member focused organisation and is committed to transparency, accountability and providing meaningful opportunities for members to participate in shaping the organisation.

We are a venture of the Enspiral Network – a progressive business collective that develops collaborative working tools such as Loomio and provides mentoring and support.

We are committed to open sourcing key business knowledge and technology that we develop so that this can assist other news organisations to transition to this new sustainable public interest media model.

ScoopCitizen – A Pro-Democracy Engaged Journalism Community

ScoopCitizen offers access to exciting new tools for engaged journalism and political literacy. This allows you to learn about and participate in the civic discourse on issues that matter to our communities. Help us shape the in-depth public interest journalism on The Dig and Scoop. We are collectively charting a course for participatory democracy in Aotearoa. Add your voice and drive change through our engagement opportunities via our partnership with NextElection.

Our Publishing Company

The Scoop Foundation is the sole owner of Scoop Publishing Limited, a social enterprise, which is a not for profit company with the same purposes as the trust.  Scoop Publishing is the publisher of Scoop.co.nz, a leading independent New Zealand news site founded in 1999,  with 500,000 monthly users.

This relationship provides the trust with an influential platform from which to build a sustainable financial base – by supporting its fundraising activities – and to provide opportunities for broad distribution of public interest journalism content commissioned by the Trust.  

The editorial independence of the Scoop Publishing company is enshrined in our trust deed.

The Scoop Foundation is  supporting Scoop Publishing on their transition to a sustainable business model, based on selling ethical paywall commercial use licenses and to secure continued free public access to Scoop’s compete database.

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