Organisational Structure

The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism

The Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism is a charitable trust board established for  the purposes of “supporting the publication of trustworthy, relevant, public interest information, freely accessible to all New Zealanders, so that they can participate in democratic processes.”

The Foundation’s Trustee’s and Contributors are all volunteers, gifting their time and skills to the organisation’s mission.


Our Publishing Company

The Scoop Foundation is the sole owner of Scoop Publishing Limited, a social enterprise, which is a not for profit company with the same purposes as the trust.  Scoop Publishing is the publisher of, a leading independent New Zealand news site founded in 1999,  with 500,000 monthly users.

This relationship provides the trust with an influential platform from which to build a sustainable financial base – by supporting its fundraising activities – and to provide opportunities for broad distribution of public interest journalism content commissioned by the Trust.

The editorial independence of the Scoop Publishing company is enshrined in our trust deed.

The Scoop Foundation is  supporting Scoop Publishing on their transition to a sustainable business model, based on selling ethical paywall commercial use licenses and so secure continued free public access to Scoop’s compete database.

Scoop’s ‘ethical paywall’, will also ensure the New Zealand public free and unlimited access to news on Scoop so everyone can be informed.