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We’re looking for Kiwis who believe in democracy and the importance of a free media to join our generous existing members and donors.

Expanding the foundation’s membership base will ensure we can continue supporting ‘public interest’ journalism and independent news through the current “news crisis.” Together we can create a sustainable and positive future for independent news media in Aotearoa NZ - Join the growing community of Kiwis who care about this goal.  


What is at stake?

Information is power and people are increasingly disconnected from both. Digital disruption to traditional news business models has the media on a path towards clickbait dystopia. Meanwhile, there is a lack of finance and support for quality public interest news and information services. Nicky Hager has recently stated, “2015 and 2016 may be remembered as the point at which New Zealand’s media ceased to be able to do its job.”(1) This has very serious negative consequences for our democracy which relies on people being informed. This is a crucial time for New Zealand democracy with the General election next year and independent media voices are more essential than ever.  

Our Solution

The Scoop Foundation has an innovative solution to address this crisis in independent media and to create an alternative future together. Over the past year we have already received financial support from over 1000 individual members who support our goals.    

Member Testimonials

"The current news media model is in jeopardy. Scoop offers an alternative" Tim M. Scoop Member.

"Transparency is security" Jack C Scoop Member

"We'd be lost without you." Erin B. Scoop Member

"Quality journalism and not the rubbish served up as infotainment" Neil C. Scoop Member

"It's essential to keep our best independent news!" Steve C. Scoop Member

"We need gutsy journalism" Trevor B. Scoop Member

"I support independent news. It is more important than ever." Allison T. Scoop Member

This support has enabled us to achieve great results towards creating a strong independent media. We have restructured Scoop publishing which runs the online news site as a Not-for-profit social enterprise owned by the Scoop Foundation.    

Key AchievementsPostnatal1

Under this new structure we have:  

  • Funded our first major investigative journalism project - an in depth look at Post Natal Depression in NZ by respected author and journalist Alison McCulloch.
  • Appointed Gordon Campbell as Scoop Editor and expanded his Werewolf blog to a daily online magazine format.
  • Invested in some much needed technical upgrades for Scoop (coming soon)
  • Developed a sustainable media business model for Scoop Publishing based on commercial licensing. (over 100 accredited organisations)


Our Plan

We have clear plans for how the money raised can support future activities in the coming year and beyond. Your support will help us to:

  1. Support more quality investigative and public interest journalism
  2. Engage both journalists and citizens to cover key election year issues
  3. Add exciting new interactive features to Scoop to involve you more in the process of consuming and creating the news.
  4. Use open source methodology to support emerging independent enterprises to create a thriving media ecosystem.

  With the support of another 1000 members by the end of this year, we can put these plans in action and continue to keep Kiwis informed and facilitate participation in the national debate next year. All of this is why the foundation exists and why we’re crowdfunding for support.  



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