Scoop Citizen + NextElection

Welcome to Scoop Citizen – our Engaged Journalism member community.

The Scoop Foundation is working with NextElection as a tech partner to develop this service.

This will enable us to offer you access to some exciting new tools for participation in the journalism we publish on Scoop and The Dig. We envisage this will provide you greater opportunities for participation in our journalism and in deliberative democracy on issues affecting our communities.

We hope this important technology will also be adopted by other publishers and political organisations in the future.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to engage.

We care about your data and privacy

Both the Scoop Foundation and NextElection have strong policies on protecting data and privacy and a commitment to furthering open and transparent government.

Data gained from our members by Next Election is only used for clearly defined and communicated purposes such as, to provide these Services, to communicate with you, or to make the Services better.

You can read more information on the Next Election privacy policy and terms of use here.

Next Election is the world’s first pro-democracy social network.

It helps you discover relevant issues, accountable leaders and parties so that you are better informed with real time conversations and updates.

Citizen ratings and reviews on NextElection are collated and shared, helping create a feedback loop from citizens to elected representatives and office-bearers.

This pro-democracy social network amplifies your voice in the real-time discussions.

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